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"WHAT'S NEW?" (January 2018)

New Reader Contacts have been posted.

We have added Stan CURRAN’s story Recruiting Hi-Jinks, 1948”. 
This hilarious account of ill-advised low-flying reflects an era of RAAF history that, as Jim HALL, our QLD President says: “Will not EVER be repeated.”

Also a testimonial for Bob Gray, a 3SQN General Hand from 1941 to '43, who died at the ripe old age of 97 and left us some great stories

"Cricketing News" - Keith Kildey was a great 1942 3SQN combat leader, a top shot, and he also got some good reviews in the Sports pages.

Added to our 'Lifetimes' section: Ron Susans, a decorated 3SQN Kittyhawk pilot in WW2, had a most interesting RAAF career post-war, retiring as an Air Vice Marshal.

Fantastic News!  - 3SQN’s World War II Narrative Combat Reports, 1940-45, have been digitised and are displayed on the Australian National Archives website.
These reports were submitted by 3SQN pilots after significant air-combat incidents.  They contain more detail than was typically transferred to the Squadron Operations Record Book. 
(Some of the forms are even in the original pilots’ handwriting!)  There are over 1,200 pages, but they are in date order, so it’s easy to jump to the right era for any particular pilot.  
1940 reports start from page 7; 1941 from p45; 1942 (p700); 1943 (p1200); 1944 (p1264); and 1945 (p1292). 
Air combat incidents fell-off markedly in the latter years of the war, as the skies were swept of Axis aircraft!

Added to our 'Poetry' page, the moving song lyric "Brothers in Arms".

And a classic WW1 poem: "An Irish Airman Foresees his Death"

Several photos and a gripping news-report have been added to our article on 3SQN carrying-out Australia's first-ever free-fall Parachute Jumps, in 1926.

Some valedictions from old 3SQN Newsletters have been added to our 'Lifetimes' page: Jim Jelley, Johnny Taylor, Ken McRae, Jack Hamilton, Al Rawlinson and Ron Caddy.


3 Squadron personnel deployed on Operation OKRA in the Middle East, September 2016.

Photo-essays are now available covering our very enjoyable February 2016 Canberra plaque celebrations;  
our July Point Cook commemorations, those at Richmond (NSW)  in August;
Sydney Anzac Memorial
in September; and "The BIG ONE" at Williamtown in October .

Tributes to our deceased members Jeff Love and Mick O'Mullane.

A dramatic new article by Jim Hall: "Mirage Collision" -  A definitive analysis of the loss of  3SQN's "last" operational fatality to date, FLTLT Perry Kelly, in 1976.

"Fights in the Air" - 1916.  - An interesting letter from the Western Front in France, written at the time that the Squadron was being born (back in Australia at Point Cook).

"Good Morning... Syria!" - A modern-day eyewitness account, from a RAAF F18 Pilot, of flying in 'Operation OKRA' - 2016.

An interesting new description of a jolly party thrown for the 3SQN boys in 1925 (after their "disaster-packed" flight from Victoria) has been added to our article "Welcome to Richmond".


In the space of only a few sad weeks in mid-2016, our Association lost four of our esteemed WW2 veterans.  In our 'Lifetimes' section we celebrate their long lives…
Val St. Leon, Tom Russell, Chas Wannan and Dusty Lane.

An amusing cartoon has been added to our 1942 story of Bobby Gibbes' daring landing next to an enemy-occupied desert airstrip to rescue Rex Bayly, who had been shot down during a 3SQN attack.

The new “Australians at War Film Archivewith its extensive transcripts, videos and photos of many WW2 veterans, is on our 'Links' page: www.australiansatwarfilmarchive.unsw.edu.au

Our latest batch of 3SQN stories from across the years:

"Billy Stutt and the Richmond Flyboys" - 1916 aviation pioneering, mixed explosively with State politics!  A review added to our 'Books' section.

"Australia's First-Ever Combined Operation" -  Army/Navy/Air Force action in Syria in 1941.  And 3SQN was warmly welcomed!

"Mirage Metamorphosis" - Brian Weston recalls the Squadron's "Lizard" colour scheme in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  Added to our 'Aircraft' section.

A new Great War story: 3AFC Signaller Bert Billings' amazing: "Gallipoli Start-to-Finish"

A Friend in High Places - Senator Sir George Pearce and the Foundation of the RAAF.

And Christmas at Mileni, 1943 - the hilarious true story of how the South African Colonel commanding 239 Wing was deprived of his Christmas porker.

A new entry in our 'Lifetimes' section: Ted Savage, WW2 Armourer.

New information has been added to the Gladiator page in our 'Aircraft' section.

Two new titles have been added to our 'Book Recommendations': Australia and the (1914-18) War in the Air
and True Story of the (1944) Great Escape 

Sadly, WW2 Kittyhawk Pilot Alan Righetti has died at age 97 on 15/8/2015, after a lengthy period of declining health. 
Alan had been captured in Libya and was one of the last surviving witnesses to the "Great Escape" of 1944.
A short biography has been added to our 'Lifetimes' page.
Or read Alan's amazing story in full, in his own words, in one of our most popular web articles.

Epitaphs of War
A new essay in our 'Poems' section, describing the poignant connection between the famous Empire Poet Rudyard Kipling and the "Missing" soldiers of WW1.

New to our 'Past Events' list, a photo-essay on the festivities at historic Richmond RAAF Base, 75 Years after No.3 Squadron marched out to World War II.

Added pictures of an original WW1 leather Flying Helmet to our 'Mementos' page.

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