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Vale Stan CURRAN
- Engineer -

17 August 1921-10 July 2010

Stan Curran

Jim Hall writes:

Stan was a member of our Association, and some time ago, it came to my attention that Stan had passed away.  Seeking some information, I eventually found out that his wife, Daisy, had also passed away, just a short time after Stan.  In fact, she died just a few weeks later, on 07 August 2010.  The remaining family were not able to be contacted.  With the assistance of the National Archives and the Brisbane Courier Mail, I was able to piece together some of Stan’s life.

Stan was born at Burrawang NSW and joined the RAAF on 8 June 1944 and served on with 31 Squadron in Darwin, Noemfoor, Moratai and Tarakan.  During the war as an Engine Fitter on Beaufighters.

Ground crew stand in front of a line-up of Beaufighter aircraft of No. 31 Squadron RAAF.

After the war, Stan was posted to Bradfield Park, then Richmond, and in 1948 he found himself with 3 Squadron in Canberra which was, at the time, equipped with Mustangs and Austers.

Leaving Canberra in 1949, he was posted to Schofields, Richmond, Laverton, Butterworth (where he was again with 3 Sqn for a time on Sabres), Ubon, Williamtown and eventually HQSC, where he took his discharge, having risen to the rank of a Squadron Leader ENGO in 1975.

Sabre Pilot assisted by groundcrew member.  Butterworth Malaya. 
[AWM Copyright ART94548.  Drawing by Charles Bush.]

He eventually settled in Springwood in Brisbane.

He was very active in the Boston and Beaufighter Association of Queensland and I have been fortunate enough to have a couple of articles he wrote for their newsletter, The Whisperer.  (The newsletter’s name aptly referring to the Beaufighter, which earned the name ‘Whispering Death’, by all who were on the receiving end of an attack from this legendary quiet aircraft.)  We will publish some of Stan’s work in future, not only as a tribute to the man, but also his stories may never be told again.

Rest in Peace Stan.

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