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“100th Birthday Party”

Monday 19th September, 2016, 11am.

ANZAC Memorial, Sydney CBD

As the serving Squadron was overseas on 19 Sept., the Association marked this significant date by gathering at the imposing Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park. 

Completed in 1934 and regarded as the finest “Art Deco” structure in Australia, the Memorial displays numerous reminders of the service and sacrifices of 3AFC.  (It's still open for viewing, despite current extensive renovations creating a waterfall-garden and a large underground museum, due for 2018.) 

Every STAR placed on the plaster inside the dome represents an individual casualty in the Great War.  The most costly battles are all named in the corner niches. 

– The “Western Front” has its own niche, showing 3AFC’s key actions.  (Ypres; Amiens; Somme 1918; and Hindenburg Line.  - However many of 3AFC’s men had already endured earlier battles with the Army in Gallipoli, the Middle-East, or in the trenches of France.  - And for some rare individuals, right back to when Australia invaded “German New Guinea” at the outbreak of war in 1914.) 

After a short Historical Talk highlighting the Squadron’s incredible 100-year record, and a thorough inspection of the Memorial artworks, we enjoyed an excellent convivial “long-lunch” at the nearby Naked Duck Café.

Each of the four inner supports of the Memorial dome is dedicated to one of the armed services. 
This one shows The Flying Corps (with sculptures representing sacrificed groundcrew, pilots and observers).
The other pillars represent the Army, Navy and Nurses.

Rayner Hoff's central sculpture, “Sacrifice”, portrays a dead warrior carried home upon his sword and shield, borne by
three women - his grieving mother, his young wife (with infant child) and his sister.

The exterior of the building has several depictions of aviators, the most striking being an accurately-portrayed RE8 aircraft,
surrounded by realistic groundcrew and AFC aircrew, on the Western Front Bronze Relief.

Event portraits by Dom O'Donnell

Many thanks to our photographer Dom O'Donnell.

3 Squadron EVENTS

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