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Sunday 11th November, 2018, 11am.

ANZAC Memorial, Sydney Hyde Park

The 3SQN Assn wreath on 11 Nov.
 [Pic by Des SHEEHAN.]

We were very lucky with the weather in Sydney on 11 November 2018.  A huge crowd of 5,000 people turned up (and fortunately the excellent sound system carried the music and speeches clearly to all).  We had 20 “3SQN Family” attendees, including, from 3SQN Williamtown: CPL Steven FERRIE; LACW Ashlee HOOPER; and LAC Derrick McGREGOR.  

- Luckily, our photogenic 3SQN party attracted the attention of the Sydney Daily Telegraph, which published the photo below…

Among the thousands who packed Hyde Park were Chloe, aged 7, [Vicki’s granddaughter] and her cousin William, 8  [Vicki’s grand-nephew].   

They remembered two relatives who died on the Western Front in 1917:
- Private McKINNON, aged 21 (buried in Belgium);
- And Private MORRISON, 26 (“missing” on the Somme - his body never identified). 
“My mum and grandma are teaching us about them.  I think they were very brave.”  Chloe said. 

During WW2, the great-grandfather of both Chloe and William, CPL John “Curly” MORRISON, served as a cook with 3SQN RAAF. 

CPL Steven FERRIE [centre] serves with the modern 3SQN RAAF at Williamtown.  He met the family at the Sydney service, helping them to place flowers and also to float commemorative poppies in the Memorial’s new cascade.  [One poppy for each NSW town that suffered WW1 losses.]

This was also the day when the Museum space under the Memorial opened to the public.  3SQN is well-represented in the new displays, including the voice of Nigel LOVE from WW1; and an absolutely enthralling Syria/Iraq interview with former CO3 'Johnny’ HALY.

We enjoyed viewing the new attractions and then repaired to the nearby Macchiato Italian Restaurant for a convivial lunch.  Many thanks to all who attended. 

Coinciding with the Centenary of Armistice Day, we have added a new photo-essay: Gardens of Memory, displaying Vicki’s photos of many of the 3AFC graves from WW1 in England and on the Western Front.

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