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3 Squadron 60th Anniversary, 1976
 - RAAF Butterworth

For one of our Queensland 3 SQN Assn. Members, Roger Phillips, it only seems like yesterday when the Squadron held its 60th Anniversary.  At that time Roger was the Commanding Officer of No.3 Squadron and was stationed at Butterworth.

Mirages over Malaysia

The Defence Department decided to fly up about a dozen ex-Squadron members in a Hercules for the celebration.  Among those attending the festivity were members and ex-members of 3 Sqn, who between them covered the life of the Squadron.

There was a WW1 pilot that was with the squadron when it was initially formed in 1916.  Also attending were members from the Second World War, continuing the progression right through to Dave Owens, the immediate past Squadron CO.  The Squadron’s timeline was completed with the existing squadron members of the day.


Dave was responsible for initiating most of the activities, while Air Commodore Ford was a tremendous help, especially back on Australian soil, with chasing up ex-members.

With fading memory, it is hard to recollect all who travelled to be part of the celebration, but some that were definitely there included Dave Owens, Jack Doyle, Ross Glassop and Peter Jeffrey.

Peter was Squadron CO during the Second World War and then later as a Group Captain formed 75, 76 and 77 squadrons into a Wing in the Pacific.  There was a parade held, with Bay Adams reviewing, an 'open day' with an aerobatics display and of course a dining-in night.  A highlight during the dining-in night was the unannounced arrival of Bobby Gibbes, who made his own way to Malaysia from New Guinea, where he had established a small airline. 

Great memories from yesteryear, with thanks to:  Roger Phillips

3 Squadron EVENTS

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