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No. 3 Squadron's 85th Birthday

At Nelson Bay R.S.L. on 19 September 2001, the NSW 3SQN Association Members celebrated the
85th Birthday of the Squadron at a formal dinner:



POEM - Our 85th Birthday Re-union

What a week we had at Nelson Bay,
With 68 members who had come up to play.
We had the Allens, the Browns, Kath Curtis, Reg Moore,
And dear Bob Davies, who said,
Ill be there for sure.

Joyce Blundell came with friend Helen Turnbull,
And the motel we stayed at was pretty-well full.
Jean came along to look after Wal Bottin,
Lew Ranger brought Vera, so hed not be forgotten.

John Taylor made the trip from Coonamble,
out west.
Fred Bugitti and Jacqui brought Eilleen Glennan,
They thought it best to be in everything.  Fred said, we didnt come here to rest!

Then came the Wannans with Val Coates making three,
Milly Cudworth, the Richardsons, and the Burchfields, always nice to see.
Laxi Cairns brought Ken Young from south of the border,
With Peter Cuthbert right there to keep us in order!

Ken Saxon from Tassie, Bob Jones from the West,
Great effort from you Bob, we are most impressed.
Jock McAuley, and Pat Hooke, her first time - bringing memories of John,
Nan Roediger, Ken McRae, plus Dawn and George Dumont.

The Faunts come to every re-union, they never miss,
Merral Wood and Nan Stevens always bring me a kiss!
Jack Doyle, Billie Whitford and Leon Henry from up north,
Bob Gibbes with Jean and their daughter, Julie Morse.

The Kerrigans came from the West at Thornlie,
They made a great effort, that was easy to see.
Neil Smith, wife Patti, Gwen and Don Nicholls DK.
Judy Carter with daughter Lyn Sugden, from just up the way.

Then came the Leavers, the Pardeys - our President Arthur,
Sometimes Im confused, and call him Billarfur.
Edwina Matthews had been travelling with her son Peter,
She knows how pleased we are, always, to meet her.

We were also pleased to see Betty and Stuart, Morris is their name,
Who told us quite often, they were so happy they came.
The Morrisons, Dottie and Vicky - made sure we would know,
That since the Association had started, they had not missed a show.

Bob Treloar and Marilyn, with Neil Hart and some of his crew,
Came one evening to join us, mingle, and have dinner too.
When they spoke of the Squadron, twas a great moment in time
With words of praise, we drank like fine wine.

Have I forgotten someone, Im really not sure,
How many did I count going through that bus door?
Now I remember, it has become quite plain to see,
Nean Russell was there, and she brought ME!


With apologies to all poets - dead or alive.

Tom Russell

NSW Executive-Organisers: Tom Russell, Peter Cuthbert


Left: Julie Gibbes, Jeannie Gibbes.

 NSW   President  Arthur Pardey



C.O. WGCDR Neil Hart

A.V.M. Bob Treloar A.M.

Padre Bishop Bob Davies CBE, MA, Th.D

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