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Harvard Graduate...

93-year-old Tom Russell takes to the skies again!

(June 2010)

Tom chats with Glider Instructor (and 3 Squadron Association member) Ken McCracken, at the Southern Cross Gliding Club, Camden.


Straps on...


Take Off!


Pilot's-Eye View


... And there was a big surprise waiting for Tom when he got back to Camden, a beautifully-restored WW2-era Harvard trainer ready to take him up for an aerobatic demonstration. 
They did a spectacular display over the airfield, looping and rolling.  Tom found that he was still comfortable with the controls, despite not having flown a Harvard since his instructing days in WW2!


Low Level Fast Pass.  (Smoke generator on!)


And Zooooommmmm!


Tom thanks the owner of the Harvard


"One of the most remarkable days of my life..."
Tom giving a speech to Camden aero-enthusiasts later that evening.

3 Squadron EVENTS

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