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3 Squadron's "Jet-Age"
Artwork by Drew Harrison

Shown below are four paintings of 3 Squadron aircraft through the “jet age”.  These lovely images have been created by Adelaide-based artist Drew Harrison. 

Top Gun - The delightful CA-27 Avon-Sabre over the Malaysian jungle 
In 1962, 3 SQN changed its markings to the very attractive red tail with Southern Cross.  However, all bright 78 Wing markings (i.e. 3 and 77 Sqns at Butterworth)
were removed in 1963 due to the Confrontation with Indonesia.  Also the Butterworth squadrons had to support 79 Sqn in Ubon, Thailand,
as well, so it was easier for all aircraft to be devoid of specific squadron markings.


Our Super Supersonic - The delta-winged Mirage IIIO


Dawn of a New Era – the state-of-the-art F/A-18 Hornet


Harbinger of the Future – The stealthy and futuristic F-35 Joint Strike Fighter in a conceptual “3 Squadron” scheme!

Drew Harrison Contact Details:

For further queries about original commissioned artwork, or prints, you can contact Drew via his email below:


His website also displays several more of his stunning Australian Aviation images:

Drew has now produced commercial quantities of his excellent 3SQN Mustang print “Nowhere to Hide”.  The original painting was awarded 2nd Prize in the 2010 RAAF Heritage Awards
 and has since graced the wall of Chief of Air Force Geoff Brown, who commanded 3SQN from 1997-2000.  The image is also features on our web page Boxing Day,
which describes in detail the last of 3SQN’s fighter-versus-fighter combats of WW2.

Details are: 1st Edition of 100: Giclee Limited Edition on German Etching Paper.  Signed and numbered by the artist with accompanying Certificate of Authenticity. 
Paper Size: 703mm x 560mm.  Image Size: 582mm x 435mm.  Price: $275 AUD each (GST n/a, unframed).  Postage & Handling (within Australia): FREE.
For more details and print ordering, see:

3 Squadron AIRCRAFT

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