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"THREE" -  by Tom Russell

Malta. c. July 1943.  Group portrait of members of No.3 Squadron RAAF in front of their Curtiss P40 Kittyhawk aircraft.
Left to right, back row (standing): Pilot Officer (PO) John Hooke; Flight Sergeant (Flt Sgt) Ted Hankey; Squadron Leader Reg Stevens;
Flight Lieutenant (Flt Lt) Brian Harris; Flt Lt Ian Roediger; George Hardiman; Flying Officer (FO) Jack Doyle.
Sitting on main plane: K. Goulder; Flt Sgt Neil Funston; Sergeant Jack Beer; Warrant Officer Rex (or Reg) Laver.
Front row (squatting): Flt Lt Murray Nash; PO Jack Sergeant; Flt Sgt Peter Gilbert; Flt Sgt Arthur Collier; FO Tom Russell.
[AWM MEC2292]


There'll always be a Squadron

That's known as Number Three,

Who'll fly or fight with anyone

Wherever they may be.


We fought on Egypt's desert sand,

In Europe's mud and snow,

Beside young men whose lives were lost...

Men we were very proud to know.


The Squadron then later served

In a distant Asian land.

Not in the heat of battle,

But for a hopeful world's peace plan.


And now that we are growing old

We treasure friendships that remain.

With memories of Squadron days ... of hope

...And some that brought us pain


Our lives are in their twilight years,

But of one thing we are certain...

Our love for Number Three will stand

Beyond the final curtain.


Malta, 13 July 1943.  A Curtiss P40 Kittyhawk II aircraft of No. 3 Squadron RAAF,
taking off from an advanced landing ground for operations over Sicily (bombing a road west of Augusta).  
The aircraft serial number is FL307 "CV-B" and it is piloted by Flying Officer Tom Russell.   [AWM MEC2044]

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